In all cases, you must already have Miitomo installed on your device.
If you have not previously downloaded Miitomo on your App Store / Google Play account, we are unable to assist you in obtaining the app and there is no unfortunately longer a legal method of acquiring the app.
You can find the old store links below, to see if you have Miitomo on your account.


You will need a jailbroken device with a package manager supporting APT repositories.

Open your package manager (usually Cydia) and add the following repository: (click/tap to open in Cydia)

Install the Kaerutomo tweak - you can configure it in the Kaerutomo section in the iOS Settings app.


It is a more involved process to get setup with Kaerutomo on Android, but the instructions are below.
First, download the Kaerutomo Anniversary Patch Files (ZIP).
Next, you will need to enable unknown sources in your phone's security settings.
Now you will need to search online to find a copy of APK Editor and ROM Patcher. They may be available in Google Play for you, but we are unable to help here.
It is now time to patch your app.

First, download APK Editor and ROM Patcher.
Open APK Editor, select a clean (unpatched) Miitomo APK, and select "Simple Edit".
Click the save icon next to classes.dex (second icon) and save it somewhere you'll remember later.
Exit the folder (.. at the top), now open lib, open armeabi-v7a, and click the save icon next to, and again, save it somewhere you'll remember later.
Now, open ROM Patcher and select anniversarydex.xdelta as the patch file, classes.dex as the ROM file, and something you'll remember for the name.
Then, select libcocos2dcpp.xdelta as the patch file, as the ROM file, and something you'll remember for the name. Now, return to APK editor, and click the first icon next to, and select the patched file from the previous step.
Then, exit the folder, click the first icon next to classes.dex, and select the patched classes.dex file from the previous step.
Now, click assets, click the first icon next to npf.json, and select the npf.json from the zip file you downloaded above.
Now, click save at the bottom of the screen. Once done, uninstall, and then install Miitomo.

Beta Setup

If you have been granted access to the Kaerutomo beta (usually granted to donators / Patreon supporters), follow these instructions to enable it on your device.

You will need to create a Kaeru Account. This can be done in-app once you have enabled the beta patches.

Then, you will need to contact us to have your Kaeru Account activated to use the beta if it is not already. This can be done on our Discord server, or by emailing projectkaeru at the domain hotmail dot com.


Open the Settings app on your iOS device (whilst jailbroken), find "Kaerutomo", and toggle on "Enable Beta".


On Android, you will need follow the usual steps for patching as above, using the following files:

Ensure that you use a clean Miitomo APK as the patch cannot be applied on top of an already-patched installation.